— Sustainability —


Even though we offer activities with engines we like to think that we use those only for transfers and moving to destinations. o work as sustainable as possible. We try to save fuel and avoid idling. Our snowmobile safaris are co2 compensated. We maintenance our equipments and vehicles so we can use those for longer. We store petrol and oil safely. We use Finnish designed Kupilka eco dishware instead of disposable. We recycle as much as possible and avoid making food waste. We use existing paths and routes and guide our customers to do it also. We save energy on heating our kota hut and we use renewable energy. We take part on sustainable travel projects with other local companies. Together we make plans how to save our uniq nature for next traveling generation. 

In April 2021 we were granted an EcoCompass Certificate.  


We respect locals and life style in the North because we are part of it. We work with locals also outside of tourism industry. We prefer local products and ingredients. We have a cooperation agreement with Metsähallitus. Our programs and products are available for everyone and we work hard that all of our customers will get the same amazing experience. We listen our customers' feedback and respect their wishes. We are members of local business federation and we suport local children' and youth's hobbies by donating money . We respect Sami culture and life, please read more about their guideline for Sami tourism

Also publication made by House Of Lapland is worth of reading.

Welcome to our beautiful Lapland! 


Safety is the most important thing that gives the guidelines for our actions. We have written safety document and we update that between every season. Staff and trainees are committed to follow our safety instructions and document. Our guides are professional and have updated first aid skills. We reserve the right to make changes on routes and duration of the safaris if the weather or snow/ice conditions are not safe. We take part for the safety seminar held by department of emergency services and Finnish safety and chemicals agency. Entrepreneurs have always been active members of the voluntary rescue team of Saariselkä.