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Lapin Luontolomat Oy

Lapin Luontolomat Oy, Luontoloma Pro-Safaris is the first company in the Saariselkä region arranging activities for tourists. With all our experience, practical skills and unfailing humor, we have been helping thousands of people to see and enjoy Lapland and the Saariselkä wilds in a new light for over thirty years. 

We offer for you and for your guests unforgettable experiences, adventures, cultures and history in the beautiful and virgin nature of Lapland. Just tell us what you want and Luontoloma will plan a program to keep everyone happy: activities for families and friend groups, events for companies and clients, conferences, weekend breaks or holidays at all times of the year. We have all the equipment and facilities you need: mountain bikes, canoes, rubber rafts, snowmobiles, reindeer- and  skis and even snowshoes. We will fit you out from top to toe as the season and time of day dictate. For the midday sun or the midnight moon. Welcome to Saariselkä!

Good memories from the year 1995!

                                   Hope to see you in Saariselkä!