Welcome to the overall world!

We want to make sure that Your experience is pleasant and You have the right equipment and clothes to enjoy it. 

Your own clothing

Keep your base and mid layer on.

  • Long- thermal underwear: Base layer keeps you dry. This is the layer which is in contact with your skin. We recommend tight-fitting, and prefer wool materials.
  • Socks: woolen socks over your cotton socks
  • Trousers: Loose-fitting, fleece, cotton or similar
  • Sweater: Wool, fleece or similar. This is the layer that will be in contact with your base layer. As the first layer, it should keep you dry and move the moisture away from your body, but it has to insulate too. The best fabrics for the mid layer would be wool (again) and fleece. In winter you can also wear your light outdoor jacket under the overall.

Luontoloma Pro-Safaris equipment to safaris

BOOTS: We give you at least one size bigger than your usual size. Loose-fitting shoes keep your feet warmer. The boots consists in an outer boot and an inner boot of compressed wool.

SNOWMOBILE OVERALL: We give you an overall that keeps the wind out. After putting the socks and the boots unzip the overall legs and you'll be able to put your leg through easily even with the boots on. Close all the zips!

BALACLAVA: We give you balaclava that keeps you warm under the helmet.

WINTER GLOVES OR MITTENS: We give you warm gloves of your size.

HELMET: We give you a helmet of your size.

Frequently asked questions

How can I be sure that I find the right size?

We will help you to find the right size for you. We have all sizes.

Everything feels a bit bigger than your normal clothes, and it might feel a bit weird to walk around at first but you´ll soon get use to it.

We usually give you one or two sizes bigger equipment than you are used to because it insulates cold better.

Can I take the clothes with me to my hotelroom?

You will dress in the safari office before the departure of the activity and you'll leave there your jacket and shoes. This will take about 15 minutes. When the activity is over, you return the equipment and get back to your own clothes. We keep your own jacket and shoes safe while you are enjoying our safari.

Can I rent equipment for my holiday?

Yes. We rent overall and boots for 10 euros/day.

How can I be sure that the equipment I am given is clean and safe?

We check the equipment always after each customer and keep the equipment clean.

We wash balaclavas and clean the helmets always between each customer.

Have a closer look of our winter equipment here.

Have a good and warm safari!

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