— Special activities from order —

Are you searching activities for your colleagues from Lapland? Do you want to experience something special with your family or friends? Do you or your friend have a birthday? Do you need activities to your friends bachelor party? Or are you in need of some new experiences in Lapland? 

We arrange special activities and tours from order in the beautiful area of Lapland, which you can´t find anywhere else. Don´t hesitate to contact us, if you got interested about our services and ask for an offer! 


— King crab safari at the village of Bugøynes Norway —

Are you ready to face the king of Bugøynes?

Travel with us to Norway - to a small fishing village called Bugøynes to experience king crab safari! 

Bugøynes or "Pykeijä", locates at the shore Varanger fjord in Norwegian Lapland.The nature here is barren, but the scenery is absolutely stunning!

In Finnish language the village is called "Pykeijä" because the village was founded by the Finnish immigrants in 1839. Now there lives about 220 inhabitants in the village and still the older generation speaks old Finnish language called "Meänkieli".

Our journey begins from Saariselkä by mini-bus. We drive to Näätämö and then to Bugøynes. In Bugoynes the professional guide takes us to the arctic ocean with him and his boat. 

We learn how to catch big king crabs and how to handle them afterwards. You will also get information about the crabs and the area with its history. If we are lucky, we might also see some whales, seals and porpoises. 

After the safari, you will have a meal cooked from your own caught king crab at the local "Bugøynes Bistro" restaurant. 

After the meal there is possibility to fish from the pier or maybe swim in The Artic Ocean and have a Sauna!

The is no Hotels in Bugøynes. Our accommodation will be in charming houses around the village, which all have interesting history.  

Next morning, after the breakfast we start our journey back to Saariselkä via Nuorgam. On the way we'll see the mighty salmon river, Teno river, and the beatiful scenery of Norwegian Lapland. We'll arrive to Saariselkä around noon.

Duration 2 days, 1 night. King crap safari ca 1:30 hours.

The king crab safari is canceled if the weather conditions at the sea are bad (wind, big waves)!

We reserve all the rights to make changes!

— Rafting adventure to Neiden salmon river —

Feel the splashes of the rapid 

Unforgettable experience on the wilderness river of Näätämö/Neiden. Starting point at the Lake of Iijärvi, come a shore in Norway Neiden (distance about 100km).

 During the trip there is a possibility for fishing. Trip with full board including transportation from Saariselkä or from the airport. Sleeping is arranged in tents. Excluding the fishing permits. 

From extra price, sauna and sleeping at Neiden fjellstua.

Duration: 4 days, 3 nights. Required good level of fitness and some previous rafting experience.   

— Vellamos fishing trip to lake Inarijärvi —

Salmon, Trout, Arctic char, Whitefish, Vendace, Grayling, Pike, Perch, Burbot, Minnow...

We put on camping clothes and rubber boots in our office. We travel by car through the wonderful fells to the shore of the huge and splendid lake Inarinjärvi, where we get onto a boat. Our roofed boat is licensed to carry up to six people. The boat carries life jackets for everyone and full lure equipment (deep tackle, an echo sounder, and lure rods).

The many fjords, bays, and thousands of islands on lake Inarinjärvi surprise boaters with their stark beauty and clear water. There are over ten different fish species in the lake, the most popular of which are trout and Arctic char. Whilst luring, we take a break on an island and enjoy snack and some coffee made over a campfire. We can also try cast fishing from the beach. And for additional charce enjoy lunchsoup.

Overnight campers can enjoy the midnight sun and cast fishing from the beaches when the fish swallow bait in the evening and next morning. After breakfast, we sail back to shore and then we drive back to the Luonto Loma office and your hotel. 

Duration: 8 hours.  

— Nature excursion to the fell of gods - Pyhä-Nattanen  —

Architecture of Mother nature at its best

Pyhä - Nattanen is one of the six "Nattas fells" and back in the old days, Sami people used it as a sacred grove.  Mother nature has sculpted impressive large rock tors on the top of the fell, which sure has to be seen by travelers. Besides the rock tors, the scenery on the top of the fell is breathtaking. Also, during the second world war, the guard station of the German military soldiers has located on Pyhä-Nattanen fell. 

We starts the trip from our office at Saariselkä, where we head toward Sompio. After we arrive to road called "Metsäjärventie", we start hiking. The trail to Pyhä-Nattanen, is about 7 km long and part of the trail can be quite steep. However, there exist also an easier route to the top, which is suitable for kids and people, who have challenges with their legs. 

During the hike, we tell you information about the areas history while we admire the beauty of clean Finnish nature. We also enjoy some snacks and drink coffee around warm bonfire. 

At the end of the day, we head back to Saariselkä. 

Duration: 5 - 6 hours


— Airport safari —

Jump on a snowmobile straight from the airport

After you have arrived to Ivalo airport, we meet you at the terminal. We help you with your luggage, which our workers transfer to the place you stay during your visit. We dress up all required clothes and equipment needed for snowmobiling. After that, our professional guides teach you how to drive snowmobile safety. 

We drive through snowy valleys and forests to the top of the fell, where you can admire the beauty of the arctic nature. We also enjoy some warm coffee and snacks.

 We end our trip to our office and after that, we drive you to your hotel. 

Duration: 4 hours, aprox 50 km. 

We offer a lunch from order! 

— Skiing tour through dazzling snowy fells —

Experience Lapland in sustainable way by using skis

Come and discover Lapland with our experienced guides by using skis. We customize the hike according to your wishes and previous experience.

 We sleep in a small house in the middle of wilderness under the starry sky and enjoy the peace of nature. We prepare our food on a blazing bonfire and tell exciting stories to each other. If we are lucky, we might see some northern lights dancing on the sky above us. 

Are you ready for the adventure? 

— Authentic night in the wilderness —

Feel the 50 century nostalgia in the middle of wilderness

Experience the 50st century nostalgia in the old logging environment in the middle of wilderness. 

We start the day by driving to the reindeer yard by snowmobiles, where we get to known with the famous horn heads of Lapland. After this, we enjoy a warm lunch. Then we start driving toward the old logging cabin, where warm wilderness sauna waits us. 

At the end of the day, we enjoy a tasty dinner. 

According to your wishes, we can visit the famous international gold museum in Tankavaraara and enjoy a warm lunch before heading back to Saariselkä. 


— Lapland reindeer —

Experience the unique magic of Lapland

Experience the magic of Lapland by sitting around a blazing bonfire in the middle of wilderness and eat our delicious grilled skewer reindeer meat. You can also enjoy of the beautiful and clean Nordic nature around you. During winter, you might also see some northern lights dancing in the starry ocean above you.  

After delicious meal, we enjoy cups of warm coffee with some tasty pastry. We can arrange some drinks according our customers wishes. 

Travel can be done on foot, by buss and during winter season by snowmobiles. 

For extra price, we can order a Lapish "Joiku" singer or some other local performers to entertain you during reindeer party. 

Duration: 2.5 h

— Leap to silence —

Take a break and relax

Give yourself time to take a break and leave the hasty village of Saariselkä behind you. During this trip, you can enjoy of the peaceful nature and clean air. We travel to Taimenjärvi, which locates in the middle of primeval forest. There we try our fish luck and amaze the beautiful untouched nature, where the oldest trees are over 600 years old. 

After fishing, you can go to sauna and take a dip in a warm hot tub. In the end of the day, we enjoy some delicious Lapland dinner around a blazing bonfire. 

During winter, if we are lucky, we can see some northern lights dancing at the sky with millions of stars. 

Summer we can travel by: a car, mountain bikes, fatbikes or on foot. 

Winter we can travel by using: a car, snowmobile, husky ride or use skis. 

The evening can be customized according the needs of the customer!

From the links below you can view our sauna, kota hut and Small fisherman's cabin by the lake.

— The calling of the gold lands —

Experiences worth of gold 

Familiarise yourself of the gold history of Ivalo river with us and enjoy of the amazing wilderness of Lapland. During the trip, we will go through many gold historically remarkable destinations such as Saarnaköngäs and Kultala museum area, that has over 100 years old gold history. 

We will have a break at Ritakoski, where we enjoy some snacks and tell stories about the areas history around a bonfire. At the end of the trip, we head back to Saariselkä. 

The trip can be arranged with rafting boats and canoes during summer season and during winter season by snowmobile!