Ski waxing in Saariselka

Grinding and waxing

cleaning, stone grinding, bace waxing + glide and grip waxing


Full service

Bace waxing + glide and grip waxing for classic skis


Classic skis

Glide and grip waxing (no bace)


Skating skis

Glide waxing (hot waxing)



Glide waxing


Skintek skis

mohair change, not including mohair


Cleaning + bace waxing

For summer


Grip wax tape

+ Glide waxing if needed 15€


Saariselkä is the cross-country skiers' paradise. We have 200 kilometers of maintained tracks and over 30 kilometers of those are with lights. Skiing on the tracks is free. The tracks are mainly groomed by big machines but some of the fell and wilderness tracks are done by snowmobiles. The skiing season starts at the end of November and lasts until the beginning of May. There you will find the real time information 

Good waxing is the key for successful skiing trip. The waxing should be changed if the weather conditions change: temperature, snow conditions etc. You will enjoy skiing more if you have nice glide in the down hill and strong grip in the up hill. Also skintek-skis should have good gliding waxing due to weather conditions.  

Our office is located close to starting point of the skiing tracks. Address is Lutontie 3, 99830 Saariselkä. We also rent maintained cross-country skis for everyone: children, adults, beginners and skating style. For small children we have Fjellpulken pulkas.