Saariselkä equipment rental Summer 

 - Mountain bike & Fatbike, E-Fatbikes-

You can pre-book your mountainbikes and E-fatbikes from our partner Saariselkä Ski & Sport Resort:

From the link below, you can download the new mountain bike maps! 

— Canoes & Kayaks rental in Saariselka —

We rent canoes to river Ivalojoki, river Luttojoki, river Suomujoki, river Tankajoki and lake Inarijärvi

Canoes Nova Craft and Wenonah

Kayaks Dag Tiwok Evo (2 kayaks)

Includes. Helmet, Life vest, paddle, bail and rope

  • Canoes 50 €/a Day, 140 € 3 Days, 250 €/a Week
  • Kayaks 40 €/a Day, 200 €/A week
We also offer transportation for the kayaks and canoes ! Ask more info by phone or send us e-mail! Price for 2 persons and 1 canoe from Saariselkä to Kuttura and from Lappispola to Saariselkä approx. 190€ in summer 2023. 

If you rent a canoe or kayak, you must use life vest and helmet!

Note, that you use our equipments with your own responsibility! The renter is responsible of all damage done for the rented equipments and has to pay at least the repurchase price, in case of accidents

Here you can find route description for river Ivalojoki

Please note that you should have previous experience, river Ivalojoki is challenging. 

Saariselkä equipment rental Winter

— Ski rental Saariselka & ski maintenance—


BASIC SKI RENTAL              20€/Day 25€/24 hours 125€/week

(Salomon´s SNS Profil-bindings etc.) 

Also skis for deep snow skiing One Way Snowlander 64 with Rottefella NNN Backcountry biding and boots. 

We do ski waxing in Saariselkä, more info here: Ski waxing

— Pulkas & Sledge for children—

Fjellpulken 144 pulka

Pulka for children: Fjellpulken and Thule Chariot   Cross 2  

To light sledge, skier or snowshoe user can easily pack all equipments needed during even a longer trip. Load capacity is 285 liter, weight of empty pulka is 6 kg. Cover is made of nylon, it is not water proof so you should pack your staff with waterproof bags. Package including harness and hauling shaft. 

Children sledge has a comfortable place for children to sit in during the skiing or biking trip. This way the family could enjoy the peace of the nature together. Thule pulka is for 2 children (maks 2*22 kg), Fjellpulken is for 1 child. Children should be over 6 months old when traveling in pulka. Package is including harness and hauling shaft, also warm blanked for child. 

—  Snowshoeing in Saariselkä and snowshoe rental —

Walking around with snowshoes is a funny way to enjoy the beauty of Finnish winter wonderland, alone or together with friends ad family. The snowshoe user can decide where to go and which track to take. Therefore, the user is the one who decides, how challenging the trip is. Some of the marked summer tracks can be walked with snowshoes but it is not allowed, or safe, to walk on the ski tracks with snowshoes. In some area, the forest government "metsähallitus", has marked special tracks for snowshoe walkers that are suitable also for beginners. 

We rent adjustable snowshoes 20€/ a day! Price is including also poles.  

We also offer guided snowshoe trip in Saariselkä, please contact for more information and offer: +358 16 668 706 or

—  Snowmobiles —

We rent out liable and good quality snowmobiles!

  • Polaris Nordic Pro 4 stroke

Day rent /1 snowmobile:

  • 140 € / 2 hour
  • 160 € / 3 hours
  • 170 € / 4 hours
  • 190 € / 5 hours
  • 250 € / 8 hours

You can rent snowmobiles between 9-16. The price includes driving equipment, oil, safety instructions and insurance. Own liability in case of accident 1000 €. The price does not include fuel. Snowmobiles are rented with full tank and should be brought back with full tank. Driver´s must have a valid driving licence.