— Winter activities —

 Experience our winter wonderland during your holiday! 


In the future Covid-19 will affect our lives and habits more than anything else in the past. Please note that with these small actions we all can travel and experience nature of Lapland safely and keep ourselves, both customers and staff, safe and healthy. Welcome to Lapland!   

  • group sizes are small, we also offer private tours 
  • keep the safety distance 1-2 meters, mainly activities are outdoors where safety distance is easy to keep
  • gear: we wash overalls and balaclava after every use, we disinfect boots and helmets with spray. We recommend that you use your own winter cloves. 
  • skiing boots are disinfected with spray, skis and poles with washing agent 
  • we can deliver rental gear to your hotel/cabin 
  • at the rental office staff will use face mask or faceshield 
  • we offer hand sanitizer, please use it and face mask when indoors
  • we recommend payment with depit/credit card, activities also available at online shop
  • we hope that customers don't attend safaries or enter our rental office if they have symptoms of Covid-19, also staff will stay at home if they suspect having Covid-19.  
  • please, visit website https://koronaturvallinenlappi.fi/en/travel-info/